Prof. Dr. Josť Lebre de Freitas


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Prof. Dr. Josť Lebre de Freitas

Of Counsel

Professional CV

Professor at the Faculty of Law, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and previuously at the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon, where he obtained his PhD and lectured in:

  • Civil Procedural Law†
  • Law of Obligations†
  • General Theory of Civil Law†
  • Family Law

Member, elected by the Parliament in 1989, 1997 and 1999, of the High Council of the Judiciary.

Member of the commission for the revision of the Civil Procedure Code with a relevant role in the reformation of the Executive Action.

Member, in 1997, with† Professors Giuseppe Tarzia and Georges Leval, of the Experts Committee heard in the preparation of a project of the European Commission for the revision of the Exequatur mechanism of the Brussels Convention.

Reporter on several studies of comparative procedural law in the EU Member States, headed by Professor Marcel Storme, having been the editor of one of them.

Author of various legal works and studies, such as :

  • Falseness in† probatory law
  • Confession in probatory law
  • Introduction to civil procedure†
  • The executive action
  • The common declarative action
  • The Code of Civil Procedure Annotated (3 volumes published)
  • Studies on civil law and civil procedure (2nd. Edition, with two volumes)

Participant in two courses on the law of bioethics at the Medical School of Lisbon, organized by the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon.

Own legal practice since 1964

Vice-president of the Superior Board of the Portuguese Bar Association - 2005-2007.

Member of the International Association of Procedural Law, the Deutsch-Lusitanische Juristenvereinigung, the Instituto Ibero-Americano de Derecho Procesal and the† Associazione Internazionale Giuristi di Lingua Italiana.

Member of the Ethics Council for the Sciences of Life.